12:00 pm1:00 pm (CDT) Jul 30, 2020

Moderated Poster Session 4B | Genetics and Genomics of Cardiovascular Disease

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Poster Discussant:  Sarah Schumacher, PhD, Cleveland, Ohio


Increased GaoExpression Regulated by NRSF Plays a Key Role in the Development of Heart Failure Through the Impairment of Ca2+ Homeostasis

Hideaki Inazumi, Kyoto Univ, Kyoto, Japan; Yasuaki Nakagawa, Kyoto Graduate Sch Med, Kyoto, Japan; Kenji Moriuchi, Kyoto Univ Hosp, Kyoto City, Japan; Koichiro Kuwahara, Shinshu Univ, Matsumoto Nagano, Japan

MP 171

Transcription Start Site Profiling Defines Promoter and Enhancer Regions for Cardiomyopathy Genes

Anthony M. Gacita, Lisa Dellefave-Castillo, Patrick GT Page, David Y. Barefield, Andrew Wasserstrom, Megan Puckelwartz, Northwestern Univ Feinberg Sch of Med, Chicago, IL; Marcelo A. Nobrega, The Univ of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Elizabeth M. McNally, Northwestern Univ Feinberg Sch of Med, Chicago, IL

MP 172

Y-Chromosome Gene, Uty, Confers Male Protection Against Pulmonary Hypertension by Mediating Pro-Inflammatory Chemokine Effects

Christine Marie Cunningham, Soban Umar, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA; Min Li, Mitali Doshi, Los Angeles, CA; Gregoire Ruffenach, Jason Hong, Univ of California, Los Angeles, CA; Haley Hrncir, Arthur Arnold, Mansoureh Eghbali, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

MP 173

Loss of DCHS1 Promotes Mitral Valve Prolapse Through Cytoskeleton Destabilization

Reece Moore, Med Univ of South Carolina, Charleston, SC; Kelsey Moore, Rebecca Stairley, Med Univ of South Carolina, Charleston, SC; Diana Bridget Fulmer, Med Univ of SC, Charleston, SC; Lilong Guo, Med Univ of SC, Charleston, SC, Mt Pleasant, SC; Russell A. Norris, Med Univ of South Carolina, Charleston, SC  

MP 174

Cardiomyocyte-Specific Deletion of Parathyroid Hormone Receptor 1 During Development Leads to Left Ventricular Hypoplasia

Desiree Leach, Ryan Jorgensen, Feinberg Sch of Med, Chicago, IL; Jayne Wolfe, Med Coll of Wisconsin, Wauwatosa, WI; Lisa D. Wilsbacher, Northwestern Univ, Chicago, IL

MP 175

Disruption of the Genome Architecture at the PRRX1 Locus Is Associated With the Pathogenesis of LMNA-Related Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Yuan Zhang, Mohamed Ameen, Isaac Perea Gil, Jennifer Arthur, Alexandra A. Gavidia, Nike Bharucha, Kevin C. Wang, Ioannis Karakikes, Stanford Univ Sch of Med, Stanford, CA