4D Mode: Available Only on the Vevo 3100

4D imaging brings together dynamic motion and 3D geometry.

Cutting-edge cardiovascular research demands cutting-edge technology. 4D imaging on the Vevo 3100 represents the next step in the evolution of preclinical imaging; a feature that brings together the dynamic motion of the myocardium throughout the cardiac cycle with the 3D geometry of the heart. Obtain incredible images and data in vivo that consider the motion and shape of the unique hearts and blood vessels in your study animals without any assumptions.

See detailed videos of a 4D hypertrophied heart, abdominal aorta in 4D and a 4D image of a mouse left ventricle at: https://bcvs.hub.heart.org/exhibitors/video/21139792/fujifilm-visualsonics-inc-4d-mode-available-only-on-the-vevo-3100