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Imaging and Research

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3080 Yonge Street Toronto Ont

FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Inc. specifically focuses on developing ultrasound technology that has been scaled to much higher frequencies than commonly found in many of the conventional ultrasound systems on the market today. As a result, our ultrasound platform provides images at resolutions that far exceed any other system available on the market; as fine as 30 micrometers, clearly differentiating our company from our competitors.

We originally introduced our technology in the area of preclinical research as micro-ultrasound, specifically in small animal models of human disease (e.g. mice or rat models). This coincided with the explosion of the human genome project (circa 2000), where numerous genetic models of human disease were developed in small animals.

Study of these disease models benefited from the use of imaging techniques to follow the disease progression in vivo, as opposed to using ex vivo methods such as histology. By using ultra high frequency, researchers were able to use our technology to study their live animals in real-time, longitudinally, and with no issues of safety or side effects.

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