3:30 pm4:30 pm (CDT) Jul 29, 2020

Concurrent Session 11B | Diastolic & Contractile Dysfunction in Heart Failure

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Moderator:  John Ralphe, MD, Madison, Wisconsin

3:30 pm

Stunning and Hibernating Myocardium: Where Are We Nearly 4 Decades Later?

Robert Kloner, MD, PhD, Pasadena, California

3:45 pm

AAV9 Gene Transfer of MyBPC N-Terminal Domains Ameliorates Cardiomyopathy in MyBPC Deficient Mice

Julian Stelzer, MSc, Cleveland, Ohio

4:00 pm

Contribution of Sarcomere Phosphorylation to Progressive Cardiac Dysfunction

Margaret Westfall, PhD, Ann Arbor, Michigan

4:15 pm