11:00 am12:00 pm (CDT) Jul 28, 2020

Concurrent Session 4B | Novel Pathogenic Pathways in Cardiac Remodeling: Early Versus Late

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Moderator: John Calvert, PhD, Suwanee, Georgia

11:00 am

Molecular Mechanisms of Myocardial Reverse Remodeling After Myocarditis  

Yasushi Fujio, MD, Suita, Japan

11:15 am

A Tale of Two Stories: Impact of Tobacco Smoke

Ronglih Liao, PhD, Palo Alto, California

11:30 am

Tsg101 Facilitates P62-Dependent Keap1 Sequestration in Cardiomyocytes to Protect Hearts Against Oxidative Damage

Guo-chang Fan, PhD, Cincinnati, Ohio

11:45 am