4:00 pm5:00 pm (CDT) Jul 27, 2020

ACS Japanese: Inflammation and Cardiac Remodeling in Heart Failure

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Moderator: Junichi Sadoshima, MD, Newark, New Jersey

4:00 pm       

CaMK-NRSF-GNAO1 Transcriptional Circuits Participates in the Pathological Cardiac Remodeling

Hideaki Inazumi, MD, Kyoto, Japan

4:15 pm       

Mechanosensation by Cardiac Macrophages Orchestrates Cardiac Homeostasis

Jun Matsuda, MD, PhD, Tokyo, Japan

 4:30 pm       

Elimination of Cells Expressing Senescence Associated Glycoprotein (SAGP) Attenuates Atherosclerotic Diseases

Masayoshi Suda, PhD, Nigata, Japan

4:45 pm